State Center LLC Takes to Airwaves and Streets, Calling on Governor Hogan to End his Anti-Business and Anti-Baltimore Political Games

State Center LLC Takes to Airwaves and Streets, Calling on Governor Hogan to End his Anti-Business and Anti-Baltimore Political Games

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February 22, 2017  

Baltimore, MD – State Center LLC today launched a statewide radio campaign to raise awareness of Governor Hogan’s anti-business and anti-Baltimore actions.

The suite of ads, which will begin running today, outline the multitude of facts that point to Hogan’s lack of interest in providing funding or support to Baltimore, as well as his anti-business political actions. 

“We believe in standing up for what's right,” said Caroline Moore, lead developer for the State Center LLC project. “My partners and I promised the community that we would stand shoulder to shoulder with them, and we are doing just that. From State Center to the Red Line, Governor Hogan is breaking promises that were made to the community, threatening thousands of jobs and disregarding Baltimore. Instead of answers or compromise, all we hear are insults and excuses. His anti-business actions have real world consequences, and we will continue to join with this community and fight for the redevelopment of State Center.”

State Center LLC has additionally been conducting a canvassing campaign to help the community easily voice their concerns about healthy food scarcity in West Baltimore and the need for a full-service grocery store. As part of this campaign, over 200 letters have been signed and sent to Mayor Pugh to address support for State Center LLC’s vision to convert the Armory into a grocery store.

The advertising and canvassing campaign is an integral part of State Center LLC’s ongoing strategy to move forward with the previously approved development plan to rebuild State Center in West Baltimore. The project, after 10 years of community and developer planning, was pulled by Governor Hogan in an ill-conceived decision in late December.  The project proposed by State Center LLC would create over 20,000 jobs, convert the Armory into a grocery store, and bring new residential, office and retail space to the campus.

The advertisements can be heard at:



Jamie Watt Arnold, Profiles, Inc.,

Leanna Bernhard, Profiles, Inc.,

(410) 243-3790


About State Center LLC

State Center LLC was selected by the State of Maryland in 2006 to redevelop State Center, the aging 28-acre State office campus located at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Eutaw Street in West Baltimore. Led by Baltimore-based developer Ekistics LLC, the proposed development will transform State Center into a vibrant, mixed-use community with offices for more than 3,000 State employees, residences and retail. For more information about the State Center redevelopment project, visit

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