Fight crime in Baltimore by providing opportunity

In reading your June 4th article, "Citizens see a city in crisis," I agree that a comprehensive crime fighting strategy is warranted to curb the violence we are facing in Baltimore City, but it is only one part of the solution. The mayor is also right to seek economic development and jobs opportunities for the citizens of Baltimore. To be successful, we must capitalize on sustainable development opportunities that are focused on more than just the demolition of vacant structures.

Caroline Moore
Who can save State Center?

If reasoning and rationales don't go anywhere, political pressure is what is left. It was impressive to see Delegates, Senators and council people unite behind a project that had obtained so much consensus and praise for its design, its concept and its ability to create a win-win for the State and surrounding communities.

Jamie Watt Arnold
Hogan urged to reboot State Center

It occurs to me that Hogan has a great opportunity to respond personally, get out of the litigation and perhaps spare the state a costly settlement. Before he took office, the governor ran a successful company that, according to its website, "completed $2 billion in real estate transactions by bringing sellers and buyers together to create win-win scenarios."

Given that, the governor should strive for a win-win with State Center instead of scrapping a decade of hard work — especially when it includes a chance to show how much he loves Baltimore.

Jamie Watt Arnold
Is Baltimore Open for Business?

One of Governor Hogan’s key messages is that “Maryland is open for business.” His commitment to fiscally responsible growth should be commended. However, his arbitrarily pulling-the-plug on large projects with profound long-term benefits calls into question the State’s reliability as a business partner. In this case, I refer to State Center.

Melissa Heuer
State Center developer seeks meeting with Gov. Hogan

"At a time when State Center could be contributing to the city's depleted tax base, we are instead wasting money on inactivity and a politically motivated lawsuit filed by the State against the development team. There is too much at stake for the community of West Baltimore, the entire city, and the state for us not to come together."

Melissa Heuer
Saying “NO” to State Center is Saying “NO” to Baltimore

Our community could only watch as Governor Hogan slipped a last-minute agenda item into the final Board of Public Works’ meeting of 2016, pulling the plug on the State Center Redevelopment Project. With little explanation and no public comment, the State of Maryland flushed a project down the drain, taking a lot more down with it than most realize.

Melissa Heuer
State Center LLC Takes to Airwaves and Streets, Calling on Governor Hogan to End his Anti-Business and Anti-Baltimore Political Games

State Center LLC today launched a statewide radio campaign to raise awareness of Governor Hogan’s anti-business and anti-Baltimore actions.

The suite of ads, which will begin running today, outline the multitude of facts that point to Hogan’s lack of interest in providing funding or support to Baltimore, as well as his anti-business political actions. 

Melissa Heuer
Costello and Hayes: Don't give up on State Center

The Sun hit the nail on the head in its editorial last month bemoaning the effect on the city of Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to cancel Maryland's contracts for the renovation of the State Center office complex on Baltimore's West Side. We share The Sun's view, and add our voices to the chorus by expanding on 1) the history of State Center's community impact and engagement; 2) our grave concerns for job loss; and 3) the arena red herring. We close with requests of the governor, in the belief that concerns must be paired with solutions.

Melissa Heuer
West Baltimore Community Ready for Revival

For generations, residents in West Baltimore, particularly those from the communities nestled between Midtown and North Avenue, have waited for the same opportunities given to other areas of the city. Opportunities defined by the three Rs--renew, redevelop and revitalize. 

Melissa Heuer
State Center developer rallies support for reeling project

“To be able to lift up the people, that redevelopment is on the rise, that the rebirth of a community on the rise, and then not see that happen ... we should not foster in people’s minds that it takes years, and years, and years for progress to happen. ... We need progress in west Baltimore" -Rev. Alvin Hathaway of Union Baptist Church

Melissa Heuer